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A & W Family Restaurant 210 Willow St.
Asia Restaurant 141 Esplanade St.
Auggies Restaurant 569 Prince St
Best Western Glengarry 150 Willow St.
Burger King 99 Robie St.
Capricorn Restaurant 75 Treaty Trail
Chow Family Restaurant 344 Prince St
Damascus Pizza and Donair 103 Main St.
Deluxe French Fries 97 Robie St.
Engine Room 166 Esplanade St.
Frank and Gino's 286 Robie Street
John Stanfield Inn 437 Prince
KFC 242 Robie St.
King Lam Restaurant 39 Main St.
Mill Beverage Room 214 Robie St.
Murphy's Fish and Chips 88 Esplanade St.
Palliser Restaurant Motel Tidal Bore Rd RR 5
Roadside Willies Smokehouse & Bar 27 Jennifer Drive
Sam's Pizza House 250 Willow St
Shillelagh House Restaurant Lower Truro Rd RR 1
The Wooden Hog 627 Prince Street
Warehouse Food & Beverage 72 Inglis Pl
Wooden Hog 627 Prince St.