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A & W Family Restaurant 1105 Wellington Rd S
A & W Family Restaurant 1680 Richmond St
Addis Ababa 465 Dundas St
Ah-So Gardens 201 Wharncliffe Rd. S
Amici Italian Restaurant 350 Dundas Street East
Angelo's Italian Bakery and Deli 755 Wonderland Road North
Angelo's Italian Bakery and Deli 130 Thompson Rd
Angelo's Italian Bakery and Deli 3198 Wonderland Road South
Angelo's Italian Bakery and Deli 255 Queens Avenue
Archie's Seafood Restaurant 1348 Huron St.
Archie's Seafood Restaurants 1173 Wellington Rd
Asahi Sushi Japanese Restaurant 646 Dundas Street
Auberge Du Petit Prince 458 King Street
Babaz Restaurant 590 Dundas Street
Barakat Restaurant 11-551 Richmond Street
Beef Baron 624 York Street
Ben Thanh Restaurant 57 York St.
Bertoldi's Trattoria 650 Richmond Street
Bill Bentleys Restaurant 1201 Oxford St. W
Black Friars Salon and Spa 182 Wharncliffe Road North
Black Trumpet Restaurant 523 Richmond St.
Blue Ginger Lounge And Grill 644 Richmond Street
Byron Pizza 1240 Commissioners Rd W
Cafe Demetre 1-660 Richmond Street
Capri Pizzeria 260 Blue Forest Drive
Casey's Bar And Grill 310 Clarke Road
Catch and Champagne bar 40 Liverpool street
Cedar Cafe 561 Southdale Rd E
Chopstick House 734 Adelaide St. N
Christina's Pub 1131 Richmond St
Crabby Joe's Oxford 670 Oxford Street West
Curry Gardens 374 Richmond Street
David's Bistro 432 Richmond St
Dragon Court Restaurant 931 Oxford Street East
Drink Night Club 60 Wharncliffe Rd N
Early Bird Cafe 1910 Highbury Ave. N
East Side Mario's 94 Fanshawe Park Rd W
East Side Mario's 387 Wellington Road
East Side Mario's 1915 Dundas Street
East Side Mario's 3079 Wonderland Road South
Flying Tomato Pizza 1438 Aldersbrook Road
Four Seasons Restaurant 1455 Fanshawe Park Road West
Frank & Gus Pizza Restaurant 682 Adelaide St N
Green Lantern Restaurant 170 Adelaide Street North
Green Tea Japanese Cuisine 699 Richmond Street
Harmony Grand Buffet 304 Talbot Street
Harvey's Restaurant 158 Wharncliffe Road South
Harvey's Restaurant 600 Fanshawe Pk Rd E
Harvey's Restaurant 840 Wellington Road
Harvey's Restaurant 2000 Dundas Street
Harvey's Restaurant 1141 Highbury
Hong Ping Restaurant 339 Horton Street East
Jack Astor's Bar and Grill 1070 Wellington Rd.
Jack Astor's Bar and Grill 1070 Wellington Road
Jack Astor's Bar and Grill 88 Fanshawe Park Road East
Jewel Of India Restaurant Inc 390 Richmond Street
Joe Kool's 595 Richmond Street
Kelsey's 530 Oxford Street West
Kelsey's 900 Oxford Street East
Kelsey's 109 Fanshawe Park Rd E
Kelsey's 841 Wellington Street
Kelsey's Elgin Mall
Koya Japan 1680 Richmond Street
Lal Qila Indian Tandoori 748 Richmond St
Little Red Roaster 226 Piccadilly Street
Manna Grill 276 Wharncliffe Road North
Maria's Pizza N' Pasta House 624 Huron St
Marienbad Restaurant 122 Carling Street
Marvelous Pizza 1569 Oxford Street East
Mascot Restaurant 172 Dundas Street
Massey's Fine Indian Cuisine 174 King Street, London, Ontario
McDonald's 1159 Highbury Avenue North
McDonald's 385 Wellington Road
McDonald's 462 Wharncliffe Road South
McDonald's 151 Dundas Street
McDonald's 103 Fanshawe Park Road East
McDonald's 959 Hamilton Road
McDonald's 61 Oxford Street West
McDonald's 1179 Wonderland Rd N
McDonald's 1033 Wonderland Road South
McDonald's 1105 Wellington Rd S
McDonald's 330 Clarke Rd
McDonald's 1950 Dundas Street
McGinnis Landing - Oarhouse 666 Wonderland Rd. N
Michael's on the Thames 1 York St.
Miestro 352 Dundas St.
Molly Bloom's Irish Pub 700 Richmond Street
Mongolian Grill 645 Richmond Street
Mr. Charlie's Bar and Grill 561 Southdale Rd. E
Muldoon's Pizza 925 Wonderland Rd S
Murano 394 Waterloo St
Mykonos Restaurant 572 Adelaide St N
Mythic Grill 179 Albert Street
Nova Era 460 Egerton St.
Oakville Pizza 100 Oakville Ave
Pad Thai-Bangkok 735 Richmond Street
Palasad Billiards 775 Adelaide Street North
Palasad Billiards 141 Pine Valley Boulevard
Picante Restaurant 691 Richmond Street
Pita Pit 699 Richmond St.
Prince Albert's Diner 565 Richmond St.
Quizno's 14-735 Wonderland Road North
Quizno's 743 Richmond Street
Quizno's 395 Wellington Road
Quizno's 3059 Wonderland S
Quizno's 1985 Hyde Park
Quizno's 320 Clarke Road
Red Lobster Restaurant 667 Wellington Rd S
Ring-a-wing 941 Oxford Street East
Riptides 155 Clarke Rd.
Rockwater Brewing Co. 117 - 355 Wellington St.
Seven Dwarfs Family Restaurant 1659 Wharncliffe Rd. S
Si Senor Restaurante 394 Waterloo Street
Smitty's Family Restaurant 591 Wellington Road
Smitty's Family Restaurant 691 Richmond St.
Smitty's Family Restaurant 691 Richmond St. London ON N6A 5M1
Spageddy Eddy's Of London 428 Richmond St.
Stobie's Inc. 484 Richmond St
Subway 1181 Western Road
Subway 150 Dundas Street
Subway 2-1030 Adelaide Street North
Subway 771 Southdale Road East
Subway 1355 Huron Street
Subway 919 Commissioners Road East
Subway 275 Wharncliffe Road North
Subway 941 Hamilton Road
Subway 448 Clarke Road
Subway 456 Wharncliffe Road South
Subway 489 Wellington Road
Subway 654 Wonderland Road North
Subway 3035 Wonderland S
Subway 760 Hyde Park Road
Subway 109 Fanshawe Park E
Subway 1021 Wonderland Road South
Subway 4380 Wellington Road South
Subway 2295 Wharncliffe S
Subway 74 Front Street East
Subway 1426 Fanshawe Park W
Swiss Chalet 735 Wonderland Road North
Swiss Chalet 92 Fanshawe Park Road East
Swiss Chalet 1067 Wellington Road
Swiss Chalet 3060 Wonderland Road South
Swiss Chalet 1141 Highbury Avenue North
T J Baxter's Bar 660 Richmond St
Talbot Square Restaurant 118 Dundas Street
Tenenbaums Gourmet Hamburgers and Ice Cream 685 Richmond st
Thai Taste 671 Dundas Street
Thaifoon Restaurant 120 Dundas Street
The Beaufort Pub and Dining 2 Heritage Avenue, Off Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5T
The Honest Lawyer 228 Dundas Street
The Keg 664 Richmond Street
The Keg 1059 Wellington Road
The Red Goat 99 King Street London
The Spoke UCC Main Level - UWO
Toddle Inn Restaurant 640 Richmond Street
Tony's Famous Italian 458 Southdale Rd E
Tony's Famous Italian 980 Dundas Street
Tony's Famous Italian 735 Wonderland Rd. N.
Tony's Famous Italian Restaurant 426 Springbank Drive
Tony's Pizza Place & Tavern 980 Dundas St
Vegout 646 Richmond Street
Vietnam Restaurant 1074 Dundas Street
Waltzing Weasel The 1324 Adelaide Street North
Wave 280 - University Community Ctr.
Windsor Style Pizza & Pasta 1101 Jalna Blvd # 4
Wonder Sushi 735 Wonderland Road North
Wong's Garden 2101 Aldersbrook Road
Zen Gardens 344 Dundas Street