Corner Bar and Grill
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Corner Bar and Grill

Neighborhood: Downtown/CentePrice Range: Inexpensive
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777 bank street

Tel: (613) 565-7499

Bar / Grill

Neighbourhood sports bar/restaurant with good pizzas, nice decor and relaxed atmosphere



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Regular (28.70)

Getting it right
This place has a nice ambiance, an interesting menu and great service. Prices are very decent, especially considering you actually get your eggs the way you want them and you will not have a heart attack from eating their food. I have to come halfway across town for brunch here, but it is definitely worth it. Keep it up, guys.

Also, what is with people going to an inexpensive place, only to demand expensive standards? The sundae for your kid was presented in a "halfhearted" fashion? Are you kidding me?
-- Earlybird
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Newbie (1.00)

Cheese pizza - Hold the sauce?
This was our third visit to one of our local restaurants and this confirms that there will not be a fourth.
The service while friendly was painfully slow. The kitchen staff arrived twenty minutes after we did and were unable to locate tomato sauce. This eliminated pizza, and pasta that contained tomato sauce. Forty five minutes to find out that they are unable to complete your order as listed but are happy to charge full price.The "sundae" that came with the kids menu item was little more than a lump of vanilla ice cream halfheartedly presented. The side salad and tartar sauce served with the mains at some stage was fresh but had spent some time next to or under the heat. Both were warm.
After looking forward to an evening out with the family and not having to cook I was disappointed with the experience we received. Unfortunate for a location that has the potential to be much more than just another watering hole.
-- HB
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Regular (30.07)

No corners cut.
I've often wondered how afternoon lunches in the Glebe are supposed to be? Between the fast food options and a few choice spots does Bank St. feature any decent pub grub? Well this past week a friend and I were determined to find out, so we set off to the Corner Bar and Grill for lunch. For those yet to visit I must say that this Bar is much nicer than your average spot, though quite small-the stone walls, multiple flat screens and comfy booths will make you feel right at home like any distinguished pub goer should.
This afternoon the bar seemed alive with all walks of life, many were young soccer fans enjoying the Euro Cup, but even so the audience varied and seemed typically Glebite.
My friend and I chose a sandwich and a Wrap-she elected to go with the classic Club House with poutine and I chose an interesting wrap named "Midtown Chicken" and a side of sweet potato fries.
To my delight the "Midtown" combined chicken, roasted red peppers, pear and a light hummus and was absolutely delicious! It seemed light though filling and with the tasty fries-a fantastic lunch. She on the other hand was overwhelmed by the generous Club/poutine combo and managed to fill herself past the point of comfort.
Our server was a cheerful young woman in her mid twenties-and her patience and welcoming smile made our visit a favorable one. All in all the bill came to less than $25 with two add on sides-quite reasonable for any lunch these days-let alone a good one!
-- GlebePrepClub
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Great (100.00)

Have been here for lunch and brunch multiple times, most recently Saturday brunch, June 2007.

After a few mediocre places evolved into and out of this location, i was prepared for yet another generic ottawan pub-calls-itself-a-bistro place. However, a chance visit to meet friends has turned us into regulars.

Breakfast has been consistently good. Nothing mindblowingly original, but tasty wraps with fresh ingredients and not too much sauce or filler, a nice, non-greasy greasy spoon breakfast of eggs/bacon/potatoes/toast, great club sandwishes, great burgers, and satisfying pizza. Nothing blows me away, but nothing ever dissappoints and i never feel like it wasn't worth the money.

Water/coffee/drinks refilled frequently, pleasant and fast-enough service, and a setting that's bright and comfortable complete the restaurant.

Prices are normal for Glebe, ie: more like $7.95 than $3.95 for 2 eggs plus, but fresher than your $3.95 breakfast (which doesn't taste like it was slid through a grease shower first).

Will be back, will send others.
-- OSoloMeal
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Newbie (1.00)

The Corner has the best Eggs Bennie in Ottawa
Once you have tried the Montreal Bennie at The Corner Bar and Grill, you'll be hooked. If you like smoked meat, this is the breakfast option for you. The staff members are friendly, the service is generally pretty quick, and the food hasn't let me down yet. Though the restaurant acoustics make it a little hard to hear on busy days, the food more than makes up for it, and the price is just right for what you get. I eat out often, and if I've had a less-than-adequate experience at a restaurant, I don't return. But I always make it to The Corner every weekend for breakfast.
-- jenisue
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Frequent (12.29)

Decent little sports bar and breakfast spot
Sitting right beside the Glebe's Royal Oak, there's bound to be some competition between the two, but the Corner usually seems to be reasonably busy, with wings, good burgers, good pizzas and lots of TVs for watching hockey or whatever sports happen to be on.

It's also becoming quite a popular spot for breakfast as they serve excellent omlettes, and eggs.

-- xiz
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