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got so sick after
Food: I got very sick, food poison for a week, will never go back again.
Service: the hostess didn't greet us, how he showed us where to sit, he just pointed at us and pointed the chair.
Again, NEVER GO BACK, scared will get the other whole week food poison again.........
-- Jo (jojoL)
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Never heard of anyone getting food poising that lasts a week. Sounds bizarre to me....
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It's much more likely that Jo got the stomach flu that's going around. It lasts a week.
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Food Poising
My buddy and his son were diagnosed with salmonella at the hospital and were sick for a week. The severe symptoms lasted three days but weakness and dehydration hit them pretty hard and were not functional for 7 days. Chinese buffet in our area. This was a few years back.
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I had the shrimp at a Nepalese buffet once, that episode lasted for days.
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I went to see my Family Doctor, I didn't have any cold or Flu. He told me I had the symptoms who got Ecoli infections. The stymptoms last for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WILL NEVER GO BACK the resturant eat AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
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